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Farm visit

Last week our playgroup went on our annual excursion, we went up to a small farm about 40 minutes away and had a lovely morning together. Its been hard getting Stella to playgroup the last few months, there are quite a few younger boys and the playing has changed, she is happier to go now that the weather is warmer and we are outside more often and she has two little friends whom she adores but both girls are off to school next year and have been doing their kindy orientation the last three weeks.

Its been hard on me too because I had to give up our Monday playgroup earlier this year when Stella got a place at preschool and so Tuesday playgroup was my time to catch up with friends, other like-minded Mums, have a cup of coffee and a bit of cake and chat about all the mundanities that make up our daily lives without feeling petty.

I didn’t want to force Stella to attend but at the same time I had to go because I am the Treasurer and its my responsibility to keep the books in order.

Finally our excursion was something fun to do with playgroup and Stella had an absolute blast!

She got to pet the baby chickens and ducks, cuddle the rabbits with their soft ears and feed the baby goats with a bottle.

She fearlessly fed the hungry hordes of goats and sheep outside in the pens even though it was only a year ago that she was trampled by hungry goats at another farm we visited with my parents. Good to know she is not scarred for life!

She took her turn at milking the cow and seemed fascinated by my explanations about where milk comes from and what baby cows drink and did she remember what she used to drink as a baby?

Aaah, city kids. I know we talk to our children about where things come from and how they are made but watching milk “created” in front of them blew their little minds!

Even I had a turn at the milking!

We stopped for our picnic lunch in the shade of some big trees and the children had a play before we starting packing up to go home.

Stella saw another child having a ride on a pony and requested her own turn. I couldn’t say no! It was such a fun day and I really want to go back with Ron and Amy for a family fun day out.

(yes, I know its actually already Wednesday here in Sydney but its still Wednesday somewhere in the world!)

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