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The Super Whites
Milestones and kilometers.

Today I woke up before my family and got dressed in my running gear that I had laid out the night before. I got a lift with my running buddy to the event and then lined up with thousands of other runners and prepared myself to run 10kms. It was an awesome run, maybe a little hot but there were enough water stations. I ran 5kms comfortably in a time of 31 minutes and it was only around kilometer 7 that I started to struggle. Not physically, but mentally. The urge to walk was strong but I pushed through and finished in a time of 1hr6mins which is about 5 minutes faster than last year. The best thing is I feel good now, tired of course but my legs are ok and my hip isn’t even hurting like it usually does after a longer run. Best of all, my back is holding strong and the rehab classes are clearly working! That half-marathon might still be within reach! I did feel quite emotional at stages while I was running, thinking about all those runners in New York who weren’t going to be running today, I know it was the best decision to cancel the marathon but I can’t help but think about how bitterly disappointed so many people from all over the world would be feeling today. It made me feel grateful!


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