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Amy has been doing Little Athletics for nearly two months now. Its once a week, on a Friday night, from 6pm until about 8.30pm and so far she loves it. She is one of the youngest in her age group of Under 7 Girls because the cut off is October. Strange that its different to the school age cut off but thats just one of those confusing things about living in a country that is divided into State and Federal governments and rules and regulations.

The events that Amy takes part in are the 100metres, 200metres, 50metres, 60metre hurdles, 70 metres, Discus, Long Jump, Shot Put and 500metres. One week they do 5 events and the next they do the other 4 events. I could not believe the first week out there she had to run 200metres and then a little later, a 500metres. It seemed unbelievable but she went out and did her best and was happy to go back next week and try again.

The emphasis is on beating your own personal best times and not on beating the person next to you which I find both encouraging and annoying. Its renewed Ron and my interest in Athletics and I have been reminiscing about my own school athletics experiences. Ron has gone one better and signed up for Senior Athletics which meets once a week for a selection of events which Ron is proving to be annoyingly good at. He is running a 400metres close to the times I used to run it at school when I was a bit of a champ. Considering he has just turned 39 last week, well its a bit irritating and also makes me feel rather proud, all at the same time!

I am still running howevert, so I can’t complain, I have my next event, a 10km this sunday. The good news is my back is good, improving steadily but thats a post for another day altogether.

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