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Lofty ambitions.

Its November and that means Nablopomo or National Blog Posting Month where I am supposed to do a blog post a day! Which is incredibly ambitious when you look at how sporadic my blog posts have been for the last few months. Even more ambitious when its the second day of the month and already I have failed at posting every day. But if you don’t tell anyone, I won’t, hence why this post is backdated to yesterday’s date and I am going to try and stick to it and get posting again. Probably a lot of photographs to start off with but once I get into the swing of things, anything could happen. So, some photos I took of the girls recently wearing their matching tiaras that we bought for a friend and neighbour’s daughter’s princess party during the last school holidays.

I used this photo as an example on my business facebook page, promising clients that despite not being able to get a decent photo of my own children, I will be able to capture their children looking gorgeous!

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