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A return to meal planning.

I have been talking about meal planning A LOT lately with various friends and my newly married sister, Liv. Since finishing (does anyone ever really finish a renovation?!) we are starting to get back into some kind of routine which involves regular meals, eating as a family and of course the dreaded grocery shop.

My little black book has been called into action again and I am spending time at our lovely breakfast bar looking through recipe books for inspiration and trying to think of meals that are cheap, simple to prepare, quick and that will please all the members of our family.

Its going well so far.

I have had great success with a beef cottage pie, Amy declared it disgusting and then wolfed down her whole plate and asked for seconds! Tonight I made a gorgeous beef and Guinness pie which both girls ate RESULT. Ron and I have been enjoying a weekly roasted vegetable frittata. All simple and cheap and so good.

I am going to bring back my regular Monday Meal Plan blog posts.

Starting this week, on Thursday no less with some photos of how your fridge should look if you are successful at meal planning.

Mostly empty. Some jars, some bottles, some champagne!

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