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Living and growing

Amy came home from school last week with an ominous plastic bag. The dreaded “Life journal – living and growing” where each child gets a double page spread to fill with photos of their life and snippets of their personality.

I have seen some of the other class’s journals and have been intimidated! Beautiful layouts, huge spreads, lots of crafty stuff. Luckily for me (not so for the parents following us!) our kindy class is half the size and only a few children went before Amy so there wasn’t too much pressure on.

In fact I decided to go off plan a little and use some wrapping paper and contact to spruce up the whole journal which was looking a bit tatty around the edges after being carried home in various school bags. After that I let Amy go to town on her pages and after a few hours she had a lovely layout of photos from when she was a baby, when we lived in London and the various things she likes to do.

I feel rather proud that I didn’t have to step in or even curb my craftyness, she was quite at home with the glue and scissors and did a beautiful job!

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