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Renovations – Progress on the deck

Firstly apologies for my leave of absence. Two huge things happened, actually three. Firstly I got bronchitis, secondly Ron and I flew to South Africa for a week without the girls for my sister’s wedding and thirdly, the kitchen and deck are finished!

We have also finally moved all our possessions into our new house, last weekend we emptied the storage unit we had been using since January, fully intending on only needing it for a month while we sold our house. Yeah right. Hindsight and all that.

Now everything we own is under one roof, well one house roof and one garage roof and one big shed roof. But its all here. Slowly but surely we are making progress with turning this house from a renovation project into our home and I can’t tell you how bloody good it feels. Sure there are still a few big unknowns that need to be dealt with in the future but for now, our home is safe, secure and comfortable.

We left off the renovation updates with a couple of posts about the hardwood floor and then a quick taster of now and then. The one thing I didn’t write much about was the transformation outside as the new deck was being constructed.

Our builder is a carpenter and his attention to detail is phenomenal. Nowhere is it better showcased than on the stunning hardwood deck and handmade staircase. Each piece of timber was chosen, measured, cut to length and individually screwed down.

We debated for a while about what kind of balustrade we should choose for this deck. When we replaced our previous deck at the old house we made the decision to go for vertical steel railings because we were concerned about young children climbing a horizontal rail. Unfortunately this did mean that the structure looked at times a little foreboding and restrictive but it was certainly safe.

Now that our children are older we decided we really did want to go with a classic steel wire railing that fits in perfectly with the bush setting. Capped in the same hardwood, Australia spotted gum, the railings look amazing. Trust me when I tell you, final photographs coming soon.

The whole process of building the deck happened quite quickly, Pat had the structure up within a day, the timber decking boards took a few more days and then we had to wait for the steel wire which only arrived the day we got back from South Africa.

Ron had to spend many hours out on the deck in the morning sunshine painting up the treated pine structural beams before the steel wire arrived, obviously its much easier to paint before. These are the little jobs which have taken the longest but have given Ron much satisfaction being involved in the whole process.

We could not be happier with the finished product, last weekend we moved our table and chairs up and the BBQ and have started enjoying a whole new view of our garden. We have no regrets whatsoever with our decision to not roof the deck. As it turns out our budget would not have survived it and the house is positioned so the sun falls on the deck in the early mornings and by late afternoon when its hottest in summer it will lie in the shadow of the house but with the canopy of the trees in our garden lit up by the setting sun. I know we are going to have many wonderful memories made on this new deck!

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