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Renovations – An update…… but just a taster!

I am sorry to leave you hanging, its not been for any reason in particular, no drama, no unexpected renovation events. Just the usual delays and suddenly a week has gone by and not much has happened at all. The kitchen install was pushed back by a week because we didn’t have our gas supply in the right place but its in now and looking INCREDIBLE. Still not functional though, the stone benchtops arrive on Saturday and then our plumber can install our gas cooker and plumb in the sink and dishwasher and we need the electrician to come back and hook up the range hood, cooker and dishwasher. So I will leave you with a photo and a promise to be back soon with an update on the deck and more about my dream kitchen, I seriously cannot believe its mine!

Remember this?

Well, it turned into THIS………………………………..

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