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Renovations – Preparing for the hardwood floor.

Our builder and his tradies had pulled up most of the old slate floor and chipboard the first week of work. We made the decision to leave the section of the kitchen that had the pantry, sink and stove-top for as long as possible to make it easier for us to still cook and eat while the deck was being built and the door installed.

Finally though it was time to pull out the rest of the floor and kitchen. Ron took a flex day of leave on Amy’s birthday and his Dad came over and together they made short work of the rest of the kitchen.

We moved the microwave, kettle and toaster into the bathroom and the fridge into the living room and prepared to be kitchenless for a week while the floor was installed.

I don’t know why I had been so afraid of exposing the joists and putting down a hardwood floor, sure the cost was quite daunting but every other option seemed to be a compromise.

The irony was that all the compromises, fixing the slate or putting down a laminate were complicated by the issues we thought we were going to face in pulling the floor up. So we made the simplest choice possible, pull the floor up, put a new floor down. Ironic much then that pulling the floor up was possibly the easiest part of this whole renovation and preparing the floor joists for the hardwood installation was a lot more complicated than we had originally thought!

Thankfully our lovely builder was more than capable and casually mentioned one morning that there was quite a big dip across the floor but not to worry, he would just jack the floor up to level.

Simple really, well not quite but he did it and when the flooring guy came to install the hardwood, he was super impressed with the job our builder had done!

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