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Bouncing on the bed.

Sometimes it is just easier to say YES instead of NO as a parent. There are so many occasions when you have to say NO even when you would much rather say YES and right now both our girls are doing a good job of challenging our parenting. There is a lot of NO around here: “NO you can’t have another ice-cream”, “NO you can’t go outside in your pajamas”, “NO you can’t watch the Ipad in bed”, “NO you can’t stay up tonight, you are exhausted” and so on and so on and so on. Which is why this morning when Stella started jumping on her bed in her undies, well I couldn’t resist grabbing my camera, opening the blinds and letting her bust a few moves instead of assuming my more regular position of grouchy mummy and telling her to stop. Of course Amy wanted in on the action and the look on her face when she asked if she could bounce and I said YES instead of the NO she was expecting, well it was worth all the panic attacks when she narrowly missed whacking her head on the ceiling or bouncing off the end of her bed!


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