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Renovations – Day 6 – The new door.

We have battled with many of our renovation decisions but the one thing we were certain on right from the start was the door. The old sliding door was broken, the runners completely worn and disintegrated. There was no door handle and the stained aluminium frame was yellowed and horrible. Standing in the dining part of the kitchen and looking out it was clear what needed to be done. Sitting down for our first proper lunch at the table on Mothers Day absolutely confirmed this decision, the wall between the window and the door needed to go.

A new, bigger door would not only open up the space to the deck but it would also let in more natural light and make the living space more functional. We had decided pretty quickly not to put a roof on the deck, firstly it would have required council approval, time-consuming and expensive and secondly it would stop a lot of light from coming into the kitchen/dining room.

Opening up this wall would make even more of the beautiful setting outside. The moment that bit of wall came down we knew this was going to be a stunning feature of the room.

We had a few dramas with the door firstly although Ron and I had decided quite quickly which door company and door we wanted to go with, for some reason we struggled to make the final decision and so delayed ordering the door. Of course when it came time to rush the order so the door could fit in with our builder’s timeframe, well of course there was a huge demand for white aluminium three stacker sliding doors and the delivery time had blown out to almost three weeks. I begged, pleaded, bribed and finally we came to a resolution, we would pay in full upfront and the lovely lady at the door company would rush our order through with the factory and send us all the specs so our builder could do as much work as possible to get the opening ready in time for the door to arrive.

I was super excited when the door turned up a few hours early last Friday afternoon but I did have to go inside for a quiet lie down when they started to carry it round the house! Then it was in, a quick fit for the weekend and this week Pat and his team have finished installing it.

The end result is absolutely stunning, the wide door panels frame the view perfectly and the morning light fills the room in a way that delights me on so many levels. Its hard to get the full effect right now because its unsafe to walk on the joists in the kitchen but tomorrow when the hardwood floor goes down, its all going to start fitting together. This whole process is incredibly stressful but I know one thing is certain, we are not going to regret any of these big decisions!

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