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Renovations – Day 5 – The back of the house and the hole for the new door.

The thing that Ron and I are learning about house renovating, is that you can never be too sure what something will cost or how long it will take. That’s what they call a variation in the quotes. We did have a contingency fund going into this project which is lucky because we have had to dip into it a few times already.

The first change in price came on day 1 when the joists for the deck were delivered. Pat had rethought the design of the deck and decided to nearly double the size of the joists which would also mean we didn’t have to have any support poles in the middle underneath. So back to the yard went the original delivery and we waited for the new, more expensive joists to arrive.

The next variation came when Pat started to take the old fibro off the back of the house to make the space to fit the new door.

The one certain thing about this old house is that its been unloved from the start and every time we turn around there is another shonky decision. So there is absolutely no waterproofing on the back of the house underneath the fibro cement boards.

Pat was going to be taking off three quarters of the old fibro to remove the old door and window and install the new door but on his advice we decided to strip off all the old fibro and a few sheets going around the side of the house to install new waterproof sarking before installing the new door.

Chronologically these house renovation posts are losing a bit of perspective but we are still only in week 1 with all this work. To come, the new door arrives, the rest of the kitchen goes and the remains of the old slate floor come up in preparation for the new hardwood floors being laid and the new kitchen arriving!

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