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House update – bathroom

I love the main bathroom in our new house. I love that I can even use that word “main” bathroom because now we have two. The family bathroom off the hallway is nearly as big as one of our bedrooms in our old house! There is enough room for a walk in shower and a full size bath with a huge ledge for toys, shampoo etc.

The bathroom is simply decorated and apart from the old, water damaged, smoke stained vanity, the rest of the bathroom was in pretty good shape. I spent nearly four hours cleaning the flour to ceiling tiles before we moved in.

You could see the arm shaped cleaning attempts at head height where someone had run a cloth over the yellowing smoke stains on the walls but it was a disgusting mess and cleaning it was something I won’t forget for a long time. I had to throw away about five cleaning sponges, saturated with nicotine stains, horrible.

Our painters painted the ceiling a beautiful new white and they also gave the door a coat of glossy white and our electrician fitted an extractor fan above the shower and two heat lamps, one over the bath and one over the vanity.

We had always planned on replacing the bathroom vanity so I didn’t bother unpacking into the stinky old vanity and then a few weeks ago we finally bought our new double sink bathroom vanity from the same place we bought one for the old house.

Our lovely plumber friend came by one afternoon and after some fiddly pipe attachments and work arounds to change the plumbing from one basin to two, we have a gorgeous new, shiny, white, clean, full of storage bathroom vanity!

Just this morning our plumber came back to cap off the gas and water in the kitchen so we can pull out the final few bits of kitchen in anticipation of our new floors going down.

While he was here he installed the new taps and spout over the bath, I can’t believe what a difference it makes!

I am planning on painting the frame of the big mirror and I need to regrout and seal the bath and we still need some towel rails which we are finding really hard to decide on but the bathroom is nearly done!

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