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Renovation – Day 3 – Floor.

As you might remember we had been going backwards and forwards with our decision on what to do about the floor in the kitchen/dining room. Ron had always wanted a solid hardwood timber floor onto the joists but I had been afraid of the cost and the labour involved in prepping the floor. So we investigated repairing the slate flooring. We found a stone yard and bought five Indian Rajah slates and put them down in the kitchen to see how different the repaired section of flooring would look and you can probably guess how that went.

It was becoming increasingly frustrating trying to make a decision that wouldn’t cost the earth but also wouldn’t be a compromise. Ron and I have had quite strong opinions going into this whole process, we are obviously on a very tight budget but we are also renovating our forever home and don’t want to do it on the cheap. It’s been really hard trying to understand where the line is between cheap and expensive and quality over compromise. In the kitchen we initially thought the compromise would be the benchtops not the cupboard doors but after a lot of research we realised that spending money on the doors and then going for a cheap benchtop would negate the money spent on the doors. It was coming down to the same issue with the flooring, fixing the floor was always going to be a compromise, either mismatched slates which we didn’t love to begin with, or a floating laminate floor over the slates which came with its own set of complications and costs.

In the end the decision was actually quite easy. Our kitchen guy and builder both said in their own opinions, it would be a pity to spend money on a beautiful kitchen and deck only to stick down a cheap floor. A good friend gave us a great recommendation for a hardwood guy and within the space of a few days we had ordered and had our beautiful feature grade spotted gum hardwood flooring delivered and sitting in the kitchen/dining room to acclimatise! There has been quite a lot of hard work to get the joists ready for the hardwood floor to be installed next week but both Ron and I are comfortable with our decision. I know that we are never going to walk into that room and regret the hardwood floor.

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