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Amy, now you are SIX!

Happy sixth birthday my precious first born. It hardly seems possible that six years have passed since we met Amy for the first time.

Last year I talked about how special five is, that last year before school begins.

The year before last I talked about how being four was all about being full of energy, excitement and laughter.

I feel a bit sad about three years ago, when I went back to have a look through my archives I couldn’t find a birthday post for Amy’s 3rd birthday, instead I found a post about Stella being 10 weeks old and my anxiety rearing its ugly head thanks to a combination of homesickness when my sister went home after a lightning quick visit and exhaustion after Stella still wasn’t sleeping in consistent bursts through the night. However thats the joy of having a blog as a record, I honestly don’t remember that time and yet reading back it becomes clear again.

The year before I posted this about Amy’s second birthday. I can hardly believe she was ever that little and that cute!

The year before on Amy’s first birthday I posted her birth story again. I love remembering our experience of her birth, the sheer newness of the whole process, the nerves and fear and then the overwhelming joy when she finally arrived.

I made this video for her first birthday, celebrating the milestones of the first year of her life.

All of our lives are enriched for having Amy in them. She is a complex creature, a fierce mix of independance and confidence and anxious little girl. I have loved watching her take all the changes that have happened this year in her stride. She has taken to school with happiness and a joy that makes all the worrying about when we should start her fade into insignifigance. All we want is for our children to be happy and although there are sometimes circumstances where maintaining this happiness is tricky, its a wonderful revelation to realise how resiliant and adaptable children really are. Amy is a lovely child, most of the time she is sweet natured and engaging, a fun companion who always has a question about the world around her. She is starting to discover a love of reading and writing which fills me with excitement and hearing her reading her bedtime stories to me instead of the other way around is a source of amazement! Amy is mercurial and prone to quick rages, mostly directed at me or her sister, lucky we are a forgiving pair and Amy remains her sister’s favourite person and my joy.

May the coming years bring you all your heart desires Amy my darling. I wish you happiness, confidence and a life full of blessings. Happy sixth birthday big girl, now would you please pull that wobbly front tooth out because I can’t bear seeing it flapping in the wind anymore!

(updated to include some photographs from this morning!)

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