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Winter solstice.

This is a blog post that could have been all about how perfect our family is, what a brilliant Mum I am and how Ron and I are so good at parenting. Instead it’s the truth. Parenting has been a challenge recently. We were all horribly sick for a week a month ago and everything is harder when you are sick or recovering from being sick. Amy in particular continues to be a complete contrast of delightful and disgusting.

Honestly, I don’t understand how one child can be such opposite personalities based on what mood she is in. Sometimes she is sweet and engaging, playing happily with her sister and saying please and thank you. Then there are the days where she is just awful to be around and everything makes her cry and whine and smack her sister. Its hard being her Mum when she cries and tells me I am the meanest Mum EVER for something so silly like not letting her use glue on the couch or watch movies on the ipad at bedtime.

Sigh. I know its been a disruptive year for our children and right now with the back of the house almost completely removed and no floor in the kitchen and cold winds blowing through our living room, well its easy to excuse bad behaviour. I know our children just want to spend time with us, real, engaged time, not distracted, you play over there while I just finish up these phone calls time.

So the other night around winter Solstice I thought it would be fun to do something a bit different, a little excitement to put the fun back in our lives. Sparklers in the garden for winter solstice!

Sounds like fun doesn’t it, can you imagine it, our happy family, holding hands, running around our garden and painting with sparklers? Yes? No. No, no, no. For some reason Ron decided to paint the front door frame at 5.30pm at night in the middle of winter so the wind is blowing through the house. I am trying to bribe the girls to STOP TOUCHING EACH OTHER by telling them about this amazing fun thing we are going to be doing.

When Ron eventually finishes painting the door he starts shouting at the girls not to touch the wet paint so we are all trying to get out of the door without touching it and then Amy is frightened that she is going to get burned and then Stella won’t stand where I want her to and eventually I am shouting at my children to JUST HAVE FUN ALREADY. Sigh. Parenting. Its never what you expect its going to be!

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