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House update – starting with the garden.

I have so many blog posts to catch up on that it’s going to take me a while to get my thoughts together. We are right in the middle of the renovations and I cannot wait to share the progress updates and photographs. So far its all going well, there have been some surprises and some unexpected decisions needed to be made but we are still within our budget and going well.

Of course its all happening during the school holidays and in the middle of winter which means cold, dusty winds blowing through the house and lots of banging when normally we would be lying around on the couches in our pyjamas! Oh well, its all going to be so worth it in the end.

In the meantime I have some photos of the work that Ron has been doing in the garden. The garden was beautifully designed and laid out at some point in the distant past and then like everything else to do with this property, it was sadly neglected for years.

Down the side of the garage and the back room had been left to grow wild and when Ron was clearing it all out he discovered the gutter that had fallen off the back room which was contributing to the flooding problem. It was a lucky find because it was going to cost us a fair bit to buy more guttering!

This area of the garden lies between the back of the backroom behind the garage and the fence where it meets our back neighours and Ron has been clearing it in anticipation of concreting in the cubby house and cutting a gate in the fence we share with our good friends who live behind us.


Its been back breaking work and now what is left is mostly dirt which is mostly mud thanks to the weather we have been having! At some point in the future Ron would like to tear down the little enclosure up against the back room wall and concrete a flat area for playing netball or basketball up against the wall.

I would quite like some raised vegetable beds in this area of the garden because it does get a lot of natural light, we might need to get rid of the horrible tree that shades it but unfortunately the two trees are above height and we would need council approval which is unlikely.

Another job Ron has finished recently has been cleaning the garden path and the decking at the side of the garage leading towards the backroom. The brick pathway was green with lichen and moss and quite slippery but the real problem was the old decking boards.

They had been laid upside down, a common mistake, with the grooves on the top. If laid the opposite way the grooves actually mean the water runs away underneath and doesn’t sit on top.

The deck was black with mould and lichen and Ron spent a few hours with the high-pressure hose cleaning it and it has come up almost like new! A coat of decking oil and not only does it look much nicer but its also not slippery at all!

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