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Gourmet Garden – Blog off/cook off – recipe choice

The timetable has been announced for the Gourmet Garden Blog Off/Cook Off second round. The Melbourne bloggers kick it off this weekend and I will be eagerly following their adventures on twitter and their blogs. I still have a few weeks to stew over my ideas for my own cook off. I debated whether I should talk much about it here on my blog now that our adversaries have been announced on the Gourmet Garden page! Hmmm, I don’t want to give too much away but yet I really do need some advice and help about what to cook! I will have 30 minutes to cook and serve one plated dish to a judge for tasting. All  my cooking will be done in front of a life audience and so I have been obsessively taping my favourite cooking shows, looking for inspiration. As for the menu. Well, something simple but incredibly tasty, something I have made many times before, something that will please all palates but also impress a chef. Oh my goodness its a hard decision, come on people, soup or stirfry? Fish or fowl? Have a look through the recipes on my blog (hit the recipe tag at the bottom of the page….) and let me know in the comments! PLEASE!

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