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New blinds.

One of the first things we did when we settled on the new house was to pull down the horrible curtains and blinds on all the windows, especially in the kitchen.

Ugh, think pelmets and heavy curtains and roman blinds in weird shades of green and peach. Horrible.

Then we had the house painted and the disgusting tobacco stained windowsills were glossy shiny white.

The day we moved in (second attempt!) we realised that the painters had taken down all the window dressing hardware and we had no way of hanging anything up as a temporary curtains.

Ron raced off to the local hardware superstore and bought a bunch of hooks and curtain rails and we hung up a selection of towels, bedspreads, picnic blankets and sheets to block out the light and the nosey neighbours!

Its amazing how easy it is to get used to a temporary solution but sorting out our permanent window dressings was a priority and after a couple of quotes we made our decision.

Beautiful off white wide timber-look venetian blinds made from a heavy duty polymer plastic. They are GORGEOUS!

Each room has been transformed in an entirely different way by the new blinds.

The kitchen window was a bit of a struggle for us to make our decision on. We know we are putting in a new kitchen which will totally transform the look of the whole room and as much as I love the big open window looking out into the bush, we do need a blind. Now I LOVE it. It just softens the window and doesn’t block the light or the view.

The living room window is amazing, the light just streams through the blind, even on an overcast day and a completely unexpected effect is the patterns of light that travel across the wall as the sun moves over the house.

I can’t wait to live here and watch the light change in the seasons and move through our home. I will miss the beautiful, warm afternoon sun in our old bedroom, but there is something about the white, crisp, clean light that floods our bedroom.

The girls bedrooms look totally different and I am looking forward to actually starting to decorate their rooms now, put up their bunting with their names on it, their names on their doors and their personal art on the walls, the beautiful plates that my Mum painted for Amy and the stunning watercolours she has painted for Stella.

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