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Slate tiles.

When I first saw the house I couldn’t understand why anyone would put a pathway of slate tiles from the front door, down the passage and into the kitchen. After living here for a month I kind of get it.

The slates are actually rather beautiful, they hide the dirt, they are hard wearing in the areas of the house that get the highest traffic and apparently a good clean and polish and they will come up sparkling! Unfortunately we are faced with the dilemma now of what to do with the kitchen floor.

Last week we pulled down the ceiling in the rumpus room to reveal the extent of the water damage from under the leaking dishwasher upstairs in the breakfast bar section of the kitchen and sadly its apparent that the particle board that the slates are laid on in the kitchen is more badly affected by the water than we previously thought. We knew the floor was soft in that section of the kitchen, now we realise that not only is it soft but probably the only thing holding it up right now is the cement that’s holding the slates down! No dance parties in our kitchen for a while!

So we are faced with the choice of trying to either replace a section of slates about 2m by 1.5m right in the middle of the kitchen with new slates or the other alternative is to pull up the entire floor, slates, cement and chipboard and start all over again. Obviously this is the more expensive option and so I find myself fighting for the slates that I didn’t love that much to begin with. Ron used a hammer and chisel to pry up one of the slates in the area of damaged floor and sadly we will not be able to salvage any of the existing slate. Like many things in this extension at the back of our house, the previous owners cut some corners and rather than gluing the slates down which allows them to move a little with time and wear, they cemented them down. The only way to get them up is going to be to chip them up in pieces or to cut through the section of damaged floor and remove it, slate, chipboard and all. Sigh. Nothing is simple when it comes to renovations is it! So I have been in touch with a slate company in Sydney who have identified our slate as an Indian slate, called Rajah and the good news is they still stock this particular variety but the bad news is they no longer supply the tiles in the same size.

We are on the horns of a dilemma which has suddenly become a little more urgent as of today. Ron removed the culprit which caused the whole drama, the dishwasher. Its our quarterly hardwaste week where we can put pretty much anything on the curb and the council will come round and collect it so it was a good time to pull out the old dishwasher. Now we have a convenient way of talking to each other if Ron is downstairs and I am upstairs in the kitchen! For the time being Ron has boarded up the hole and our builder will be coming round to talk progress plans. Next decision. Kitchen.

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