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Ceiling revealing.

Last week our lovely builder popped round to take down the damp bits of ceiling in the rumpus room which had been damaged by the water leak from the dishwasher. This was an existing leak that we knew about when we bought the house, it was pointed out during the building inspection and our independent builder had a good look at it as well.

The woman who lived in the house didn’t care about anything and had neglected even basic house maintenance for at least the last five years. As well as a large damp stain growing mould downstairs, she had blocked drains, broken gutters, faulty electrics, a broken oven, a deck falling off the back of the house, a sliding door with no handle or lock, a hole in the kitchen wall. I could go on. If I met her, I would kick her in the shins.

The good news after cutting out a huge section of ceiling is that although the water damage is extensive, the joists appear to be fine. The bad news is that the damage is extensive and this means we are going to have to pull up a lot of the floor upstairs in the kitchen. This is not a crisis because we were planning on ripping out the kitchen, but we weren’t planning on replacing the floor.

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