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If I wasn’t busy enough with moving house and unpacking and consulting with builders and dealing with holes in our downstairs ceiling, I decided on a whim to participate in a blogging cooking competition! Yes, I know, my kitchen is a disgusting pit of neglect with no cupboard doors, a massive water leak underneath the dishwasher, which doesn’t work and the kicker. A broken oven with no glass door. What the hell was I thinking? I don’t know, but I signed up and last week this little parcel arrived on my (new) doorstep!

Inside were six little tubes of herby goodness delivered courtesey of Gourmet Garden in order for me to take part in their Blog off/cook off. The aim is for me to cook meals for my family like I would do normally, but using these herbs and spices to make our regular meals just that little bit more special. This was a challenge I was ready to take on, you know how much I enjoy meal planning and now that the budget is a bit tight with all the renovation work, it was an opportunity to get my planning book out!

Inside my pack were large tubes of Basil, Coriander, Chunky garlic and Hot Chilli paste and two smaller tubes, one of Thyme and one of Thai seasoning containing lemongrass, ginger, coriander and chilli. I popped them into the fridge and got busy planning the menu for this week. Stay tuned for my first recipe, coming tomorrow featuring Thyme, Basil and Chunky Garlic.

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