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Her stage debut.

On Friday Amy made her stage debut presenting assembly at school. It has been long anticipated because the Year Ones in her composite class got to present quite early in Term 1 and Amy and her friends have been waiting their turn ever since!

Not only was Amy first up but she had to present the trickiest part of the assembly, the welcome and acknowledgement of Country where Amy had to pay respects to the elders, both past and present who hold the hopes of Aboriginal Australia.

Ron had the afternoon off work and we were both so proud of her for standing up so bravely and speaking so clearly. The process of practicing for her speaking role was much easier than I anticipated! Amy started off reading the words she recognised but she was definitely familiar with the words having heard them every week at assembly.

Still, when she kept mixing up ‘custodians’ with ‘cultures’ I reminded her that she can stop to sound the word out in her mind and she will be able to tell the difference. By the end of the week she was repeating the paragraphs from memory but I was still amazed at the process from reading to learning.

Amazing! Also amazing was watching the various moods of Amy up on stage as she sat through the rest of assembly! Brilliant!

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