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Children and change.

How are the girls you ask? How did they feel about leaving our old house, do they love the new house? Has the transition been fraught with emotional distress or has it all been a big adventure? Well, firstly thanks for asking and secondly, the girls are doing really well. Remarkably well. In fact I think this whole process has brought out the absolute best in our girls.

Stella in particular has changed so much over the last few months, weeks even that the little person she is now is hardly recognisable from the baby she was before. There are so many big things that have changed, no more dummies, she has her own room and sleeps in a big girl bed, she is talking much more and able to communicate clearly with everyone and anyone! She has gone from being a toddler to being a big three year old preschooler and just this weekend she decided that there was going to be no more delays, she refused to let Ron put a nappy on her and she has been wearing big girl pants all the way. Unreal, seriously, I heard her calling for me today and went looking for her, I called out to see where she was and she called back: “in the toilet Mummy, I do poo” and sure enough she had taken herself off to the loo and done her business. Incredible.

She is independent but cuddly, brave but sensitive and the move seems to have done her no harm at all. She loves having her own bedroom and sleeps mostly well although there have been the occasional nights where there is the gentle pitter patter of little feet down our hallway and a little body climbs into bed next to me and snuggles into me. Pure heaven.

Amy is going from strength to strength and thriving at school. She loves her desk and her new bed and happily sits down to do her homework when she gets home from school. She loves school and her teacher and has no complaints although she is still tired and grumpy and hungry some afternoons and we are working on getting back into regular eating and exercise habits, healthy afternoon teas and riding bikes to the park. I am so proud of Amy for being such an adaptable and balanced child and I love that she is settling so well into all the changes in her life this year.

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