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Moving out.

I have moved house a lot, moved countries a fair bit, carried my belongings around in a backpack and had a burly crew of men box it all up into a container and ship it across the ocean, but this move was different.

This move was tied up in all sorts of emotional strings. This was the first home that Ron and I bought together, our first family home.

We moved in just a few weeks before Amy turned one and then grew our family there adding Stella and making our mark in so many ways.

We nurtured the garden, replaced the deck, painted walls and hung photographs.

This was the home that we bought our new baby back to, these were the rooms that we nursed our children through illness and celebrated milestones like birthdays, Christmas, first steps.

Honestly so many of my memories of the last five years are centered around that house.

Which meant leaving was hard. Leaving was complicated. Leaving was done in a rush and a panic and with a slow, drawn out breath.

Leaving was done on our terms and after all the stress it was actually a relatively painless process, designed that way to minimise the impact on the girls who thought it was all rather good fun actually!

We spent Easter packing, it’s easy when everything has to go and then on Tuesday morning four big guys arrived with a large shipping container and packed the contents of our house in the space of a few hours.

While we waited for final settlement on both the houses, we moved in with Grandma and Grandad. That phone call from our solicitor was almost an anticlimax. For so long I had lived with huge big negative thoughts in my head and suddenly a simple phone conversation, “The house is yours, you can pick up the keys” it was hard to believe it was actually true, our forever home.

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