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We are in!

On the morning of Tuesday 24th April 2012 at 7am we moved into our new house. A mere 109 days after we first walked through and looked past the dirt, grime and neglect to see the family home that we could grow into. Its all starting to finally feel real now that we have all our familiar things around us and Ron and I can’t stop ourselves from smiling and laughing out loud at all the space that we have. It seems incredible that this is going to be our home. Incredible and amazing. There is an overwhelming amount to do and we are slowly but surely working through the boxes and unpacking and writing out the longest to-do list ever but we will get there. Together, as a family. I know you are probably all desperate to see photos so I will start off with a couple of comparisons photographs.

Living room, before.

Living room, during.

Living room, during.

Kitchen/diner, before.

Kitchen/diner, during.

Don’t worry, there will be plenty more photographs and blog posts to follow now that we are online again!











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