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Easter fun and games.

Our Easter plans changed dramatically at the beginning of the year when we had our offer on the new house accepted with an extended settlement that put the move-in date bang on the Easter long weekend.

We usually go camping with Ron’s parents for Easter at the lovely campsite on the northern beaches in Sydney but once we realised the dates, we had a chat to Ron’s parents and decided to cancel camping. The friends who usually come along were all going on a cruise instead anyway and Ron’s parents had a wedding in Woollongong on the Saturday. It was the right decision but it did mean that we weren’t looking forward to the long, long weekend in the same way that many of our friends were.

Friday was a lazy start because it was the first day of the school holidays but we soon picked up the pace and started making boxes and working out what to do and when. Ron had lots of work in the garage and back room, I had to make my way through the spare room and the kitchen. On Thursday I had gone to the dvd shop for a treat for the girls and so they were happily ensconced on the trundle mattress watching dvds while Ron and I worked.

Friday lunch we stopped for oven fish and chips and then after the girls were in bed that night, Ron cooked delicious asian salmon on the bbq with wilted greens and an asian dressing. Saturday morning I got up before the sun to go to bootcamp which in hindsight was a bad idea, my arms are still sore on Monday afternoon!

Saturday was a slower day packing wise, the girls were getting restless but Ron made good progress on the garage and I was slowly but surely getting my head around what had to be done inside.

We went to friend’s for a bbq late afternoon and it was a welcome break from the montony of packing. Later that night I did a lot more work in the kitchen but went to bed tired and worn out.

Sunday morning irony, even though the Easter bunny had been to visit the girls, we still had to wake them because we had to be up and out the house for the 7:30am church service!  All week they had been up around 6am and the one morning we want them to wake up, they both sleep unil 6:45am!

They were both super excited to find their nests on the end of their beds that they had made the night before were full of chocolate eggs and easter suprises!

After church we went back to Ron’s parents house for an early Easter lunch before we left the girls there for the night and Ron and I went home to get stuck in. It was a long afternoon and evening and we both slept in till 8am on Sunday morning and then had a leisurely start eating hot cross buns in bed watching the Masters Golf Tournament.

Its incredible what you can do when you put your mind to it and in an afternoon and evening and a full day without the girls we were able get almost all the packing done. One of the hardest jobs was unpacking the fridge/freezer and cleaning all the drawers and glass shelves. I hadn’t anticipated putting the fridge into storage and was planning on packing it all into eskies and taking them over to the new house on the same day and unpacking them.

This way was a lots more complicated, thank goodness for friends who about to become neighbours who had an empty freezer!

Its now Monday evening, the movers are arriving tomorrow morning at 7am and we are mostly done. Mostly. The spare room is completely packed up, the girls room, all thats left is their bedding. Our room, hmmm, mostly done, also bedding and the bags we have packed with all our clothes in. Living room, well the tv is still on and the dvd player is out. Laundry, well thats a bit of a mess but most of it is going to be staying because I have a lot of cleaning to do this week! Wish us luck! See you on the other side!



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