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The beginning – the new house.

Hate it when wordpress eats my blog post. To sum up, we are surrounded by the chaos of moving house, boxes, mess, disorganisation and at 7am on Tuesday morning the movers are arriving to take everything away for 8 days while we prepare the new house for painting and cleaning and getting ready to move in. Hopefully the week after next. In the meantime I promised you some new house photos, here they are….

The front is very unassuming and needs a lot of work, not a huge priority but we will get round to it!

Inside the front door is a large lounge room, the kitchen is off the far end and the bedrooms and bathroom is off a corridor to the right.

The master bedroom is a good size but has a small built-in (eek!) and lovely wooden floors.

The kitchen/dining room runs the length of the back of the house which is about the same size as our kitchen/living room now! We are not going to know what to do with all the space!

Down the stairs at the end of the kitchen and into the rumpus which will be the domain of the girls, I can’t wait to have a craft table that we can leave out instead of having to pack it all up everytime we need to eat dinner!

Beyond the rumpus is the second bathroom (can you hear the choirs of heavenly angels singing? I can!) which is also the laundry and it has room for a bar fridge, kettle and toaster, which will come in very handy for the fourth bedroom, perfect for guests!

Outside the garden is in a complete state but Ron is desperate to get out there and get started, its going to be paradise for the children in a few months time. In the meantime, see that house behind the fence, well that belongs to our friends so they can always pop over there for a swim and a play!

We know that there is a lot of work to be done, check out the state of the deck! But we are both really excited and looking forward to the opportunity to turn this house into something special, our home.

I won’t be around online for a week or two while we camp out at the in-laws and friends, but don’t worry, when I get back I will have loads of photos of the before and during painting and I can’t wait to share them!














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