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The final piece of the puzzle – Part IV

(I am keeping this brief because I am off to Melbourne tomorrow for the Digital Parents Conference! I can’t wait to catch up with old friends, meet up with new friends and spend some down time with special friends! Ron will be solo parenting for the next four days, wish him luck!)

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The night before our 7th Open house I took a call from our agent while I was sitting out on the deck enjoying a much needed glass of wine. We finally had an offer from our interested party who had lots of concerns about “the state of the house”. This was a young couple who were looking to buy their first home together, who loved our home when they first saw it a few weeks ago and they eagerly contacted the agent on the Monday morning after the open to request a second inspection. They brought both sets of parents round on a Tuesday evening and spent over an hour going through every inch of our home while Ron and I sat at the club up the road feeding our girls chips for dinner in their pajamas. When we returned to our house that night I really felt the intrusion of having people in our home. Cupboard doors were open, furniture had been moved slightly, curtains had been pulled aside and it really did feel like an invasion of our privacy. The feedback wasn’t great, they still loved the house but the entire time they were here, one of the Mums had been voicing lots of negative comments about almost everything, the laundry being in the living room, the beautiful Japanese maple that overhangs the drive, the slope of the backyard. Our agent sensed the couple were being heavily influenced by their parents and even though one of the Dad’s cornered her and said he was prepared to put in an opening offer from the couple, our agent respectfully declined and suggested the couple make the offer themselves.

They didn’t for a further two weeks until suddenly late on Friday afternoon they called and said they were prepared to put in an offer. It was a very low offer, much lower than our benchmark point and the agent said she didn’t feel prepared to bring it to us as a formal offer just yet and the couple were away for the weekend and so weren’t in a position to put down a holding deposit and sign the contract until the Monday. She had told them she would do them the courtesy of taking the offer to us verbally but that they would have to wait until they were back in town to come in and she would see if we, the vendors would be open to discussing their offer. She reminded them there was another open house the following day and that if someone else came in with a better offer, they might lose out. Ron and I sat down that night and ran the numbers once again, using their offer as a guideline and had a long chat about whether we should consider accepting the offer and moving forward. It was a horrible discussion, accepting a low offer had such a sense of defeat about it and although the numbers weren’t desperate, it still meant less in the kitty for the new kitchen or the removal of that asbestos garage.

Ron had had enough talking and he dismissed this offer saying that we weren’t going to accept it because tomorrow we were going to sell our house. I wasn’t in the mood for more platitudes but he was adamant. “The numbers” he kept saying, “its all in the numbers.” The next day’s date was the 10th March and the number 10 is Ron’s lucky number, it’s the number of the month he was born in, it’s the number he has had on his rugby jerseys his whole career. Even more fortuitous was the fact that the next morning we were expecting our 73rd group through our house on the open day. 73 is just as special for Ron, it’s his year of birth and together 7 and 3 make 10. He was absolutely convinced that we would sell our house to the first group through at tomorrow’s open day and off he went to bed. I had another few glasses of wine and tried to visualise those For Sale signs with a big fat SOLD sticker on them and I went to bed myself.

Of course you know what happened don’t you! The first group through our house the very next day put in an offer signifigantly higher than the one already on the table and we accepted it and that same evening we went back to the estate agent to sign the contracts and that was it! The beautiful irony? The couple that made this offer were the same couple who had fallen in love with our house the first time they had seen it a few weeks before and had been feverishly working with their bank to get an investment property they owned, valued so they could get finance approval to make an offer on our home. To Ron’s credit there was absolutely no smugness from him whatsoever but actually, I think he should be allowed a little, teeny, tiny “I told you so” because just as he predicted, it did all work out. In fact not only is the price right for us, there is money back in the kitty for that dream kitchen, but the dates are perfect and we are going to have a simultaneous settlement on our new house and our old house. No expensive bridging loans required, no complicated mortgage arrangements, no being the owners of two homes and not being able to afford either.

(The next installment will be all about the NEW house!)

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