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The tale begins – Part I

Last Thursday was a big day in the White household and I was finally able to spill the beans on our huge news. We have sold our house! It’s hard to explain why I haven’t blogged about all the massive events that have taken place this year already, many of you have noticed how scarce I have been here. This process has been the single most stressful event of my life until now and sadly on many levels I don’t think I handled the stress the way I imagined I would have.

I think I need to start the story right back at the beginning which happens to be the first day of the year. We celebrated New Year’s Eve with close friends at their house, not that far from ours and Ron parked our car overnight round the back in a quiet culdesac. The next morning when he went to retrieve the car he noticed a for sale sign and mentioned it in passing to our friends, joking that we should go and take a look and we could be neighbours! The back story to this is that Ron and I have been talking about how we could change our living situation for a while now. We love our home and have been incredibly happy here in this house for five years now. But the reality is that we are fast outgrowing its living space and practically speaking its only going to get smaller as our girls grow older.

So for the last six months or so Ron has been searching for a new house while I have been digging my head further and further into the sand about the changes that would have to take place for us to realise the dream of increasing our living space for the future. Its not that I have been afraid of change, just that thinking about the risks involved, namely the financial risk and cost of moving bring back all those old fears of being a helpless, unemployed stay-at-home-mum who despite starting my own business is still not able to contribute in any substantial way to our household budget. Sigh. So for the longest time I had been very conflicted about what to do and every time I thought about it all, my stomach clenched and my palms began to sweat and it became unpleasant to think about rather than exciting and adventurous. Ron went to see a few open homes in our price range, mostly houses just as small as ours and with desperate need for renovation thrown in and we sort of lost interest for a while. It seemed like an insurmountable task, to find a home in our price range, in the right location, with more living space. Until the 1st January that is.

The next week we took ourselves along to the open house with low expectations, we were on our way to a party and so dragged the girls through very quickly. Ron and I didn’t talk much while we were walking around the house, there were lots of obvious downsides, smoke stained walls, a strange mix of flooring, a kitchen in desperate need of complete overhaul, a hole in the wall where a range hood must have been, a deck that was actually falling off the back of the house, a huge long neglected overgrown garden, an ancient garage with an asbestos roof. I could go on. But as we got back into the car and drove away, we looked at each other and we just smiled! There was so much potential, and such a lovely quiet street, and of course, great neighbours, the house shares a section of back fence with our friend’s garden! At the party we made a point of cornering our friend who is a mortgage broker and asking him to come round that week and later that night we talked about what the house could be, what it could mean for our family.

The middle bits of this story are not for the fainthearted. To sum it up after many hours of careful deliberation, Ron and I decided to take a leap of faith and buy the house. Looking back it all feels a bit like a blur. From risk averse to completely foolhardy in the space of a few days, we made an offer, it was accepted, we spent a sleepless week in the cooling off period before paying the deposit, worrying about the building reports and cost of the renovations and logistics of buying a house before selling our home.

To be continued….

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