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Another milestone!

Amy has had her first wobbly tooth since her last day of preschool back in December. She has been very unsure of it and almost scared for it to fall out, convinced that it was going to hurt or sting so as a result she has hardly wobbled it at all. Amazing really that it started to wobble her last week of preschool and finally fell out her first week of big school! Its been holding on by a thread the last few days and after every meal I have been convinced it must have fallen out. Then tonight while brushing her teeth she looked up at me with a shocked face and then fished it out of her mouth, held it up and burst into tears! She was inconsolable for a little while, crying that she didn’t want it to come out and she didn’t want to look at the gap (neither did I, shudder!) but then she cheered up when she realised the tooth fairy would be paying us a visit and she let me take a photo of her new gap. My heart can hardly contain the emotions the little vacant socket provokes in me. Surely this can’t be happening, it was only yesterday that I held her precious body in my arms as we welcomed her into the world. My beautiful, big, gap smiled, school girl. We are so proud.

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