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Time slips away.

I know its been ages since I last posted, my reasons will become clear in time, for now, I need to record this moment. Today was Amy’s first day at primary school. As only Amy could do, she surpassed all my expectations and despite being too nervous to eat any breakfast, she was full of smiles when we walked away.

I have been completely overwhelmed by my emotional response to this milestone. The tears have been close for a few days now and my anxiety has led to some broken sleep and bad dreams. I don’t know why its been so hard on me. Amy is more than ready for school as evidenced by her Best Start on Monday where she had a one-on-one assessment with the teacher who in the end turned out to be her class teacher. The assessment is a chance for the teachers to suss out which children are independant thinkers, which children are further along the scale for reading and maths and which children might need a little more guidance along the way. Amy is in a class with one of her closest friends which gives me great comfort. For a friend you could not choose anyone sweeter and more kind, a loving, gentle child who is as fond of Amy as Amy is of her. My soul feels quieter and calmer knowing that whatever scary unknowns Amy might face this year, the fact that she has someone beside her makes it more fun and more of an adventure.

(apologies for the blurry photo, we didn’t want to overstay our welcome in the classroom while Amy was so happy to say goodbye with no tears at all. My brave girl.)

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