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The Super Whites

Poor Ron had to go back to work today, its a bit of a reality check for all of us and Amy has been asking a lot of questions about how school is going to work. I know she is starting to think about all the changes coming up. I managed to talk her down from the ledge tonight in bed by reminding her that her job is to look forward to all the fun stuff, my job is to make sure all the fun stuff happens. I asked her what fun stuff she wants to do this week and thankfully it won’t be hard at all to make her fun stuff dreams come true. A visit to the dvd shop to rent some movies, a swim, baking cookies, a playdate with friends and a play in the park near Daddy’s office.

Job done my beautiful girl, now sleep peacefully and may your dreams be sweet and simple. There will be enough time ahead to worry, for now, its all taken care of.

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