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Everywhere and nowhere.

Like the obligatory New Year’s detox or healthy eating plan or diet (whatever name you call it!) the internet is full of photography ‘things’ in January. I don’t mean to sound petty but I have to confess to being a little tired of seeing 100 variations on the same photograph when I check in for some light photographic relief. Maybe its a bit of bah humbug left over from Christmas, or maybe its just a bit of the new year’s blues, but its made me want to switch off a little more which in turn has actually had the reverse effect on my own photography. I have been grabbing my camera for those everyday moments that I have been seeing all over the internet, oh the irony. So, I am not doing a “photo a day” thingy but I am certainly taking more time to watch my life, my children, my husband and to pick up my camera and record what I see. Its good, it makes me happy.


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