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Dance concert – the one where my eyes were watery.

I know its a cliche to get all choked up when you see your kid up there on the stage, but it really does make me feel emotional.

Last year I was anxious about how Amy would cope with all the new stuff that comes with the annual dance concert.

Being dropped off in a room full of children, most of whom she doesn’t know. Being led up onto a brightly lit stage and looking out into a dark auditorium, no idea where we are.

I shouldn’t have worried, she was fine, she loved it. This year even more so! She knew the drill, has lots more friends, is just a more confident, capable, happy little person. Especially this bit, which suprised me when she ran out front and did a special stretching move, so proud!

It was lovely. Apart from Stella who hates me because I won’t let her go up on stage for “my concert Mummy? Now, my concert Mummy?” Poor child. Next year darling.

She was darling, gorgeous, beautiful, the dancing didn’t matter a jot, parents all over the room were cheering and yes, my eyes watered. A lot especially when I saw the look on her face as she was given her dancing trophy. What a day!


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