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An interlude.

The whole time I was typing this, I was thinking, I should be doing this in word. Just in case wordpress eats my whole blog post. And then just like that. It did.

That sums up our last week perfectly, from burnt porridge pots to punctured bike tyres, to punctured car tyres and 2 hour queues.

I am slowly coming back to myself, still not treating myself with as much kindness as I could be, still tired and a little overwhelmed at times, but so much better. Thank you.

Today I cleaned my kitchen, took my darling Amy on a date morning thanks to a special friend taking Stella to playgroup. Later I made a magnificent angel costume from an old pillowcase and lots of tinsel and then baked a quiche from scratch making my own pastry. I finished it off with baked apples stuffed with dates and brown sugar, baked in coke. Delicious!

Last week I took the girls out location scouting for an adventure.

Stella has mostly dropped her daytime sleep now, well, I have mostly dropped it for her so she goes to bed at 7pm in a tired but adorable heap rather than staying up for hours shouting across the bedroom at her sister who just wants to sleep. (Hmmm, who said it would all get more complicated when she started to talk?)

I do love that our days have opened up and we can take off at a moments notice, not slave to the elusive day sleep anymore.

Stella was thrilled to be out and about, Amy less so. My little city girl, she was full of questions the moment we left the safety of our car.

“Are there animals here Mama?”

“Where are all the people Mama?”

“AAAAAHHHHH is that a spider Mama?”

I felt instantly soothed being outdoors. The weather has been so terrible these last few weeks that we have spent less time than normal out and about and when we have been out, its either been way too hot and humid or thundering down with rain.

I wanted to come back and run on these tracks with nothing but the sound of my own breath and the soundtrack of the bush to accompany me, the scents of lemon myrtle in my nose.

It really reminded me that there are whole swathes of this city that we haven’t explored yet and the only thing holding us back are our own inhibitions.

Gone are the days when a trip out meant folding cots and high chairs, bags and bottles and nappys. Now we can get in the car and go, mostly. It made me feel quite optimistic and adventurous.

Thankfully the next few weeks are looking mostly full of fun things and not too busy. My Christmas shopping is almost done and now I just need to finalise my plans for gifts for Amy’s preschool teachers, get a Santa photo and send out some Christmas cards.

Oh, and make some more time for bush walking!















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