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Summer meal planning.

Now that the weather is warming up, I need to bust out the summer food menu so I can get meal planning again. Meals since Mum and Dad and my sister and her boyfriend left have been haphazard to say the least. Last night Ron ate a left over chicken kiev with a bowl of the girls left over 2 minute noodles and a tub of left over pasta and sauce from the night before. I ate the left overs from our dinner the night before, which I am sad to say was disappointing when cooked fresh and even less inspiring the next night. Mum, we are not enjoying the chicken with mangoes anymore, not sure but I think the fact we can’t find the right spice mix to cook with the coconut sauce has meant that the dish just hasn’t got the right combination of flavours. Sad, but we might have to relegate it to the back of the list.

So here is a list of meals that I want to put onto rotation and some meals I want to add to the list:

Regular, much loved….

Chicken fajitas
Vietnamese lemon chicken with peanuts
Homemade burgers
Citrus chilli pork with cashews
Pork stirfry with ginger and green beans
Marinated BBQ steaks with salad and potatoes
Marinated BBQ pork ribs with salad
Cous-cous and roasted veg salad
Asian chicken salad with cucumber, carrot and sesame seeds
Asian cabbage salad with crunchy noodles
BBQ green prawns with rice and tomato and onion
BBQ chicken skewers
Homemade pizzas
Roasted pumpkin and pinenut salad with baby spinach
Chicken caesar salad

New, to-be tried and tested
Ricotta, spinach and sundried tomato strudel (made this on holiday and it was DELICIOUS – recipe and link-up to come)
Rolled lamb shoulder stuffed with roasted peppers and pesto
Creamy coconut and tofu laksa


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