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I love this time of year in Sydney, its starting to get HOT, the days are long, the mood still frantic but we are heading towards Christmas and best of all are the STORMS! Last night’s was a cracker. The temperature soared here into the mid 30’s and the air was heavy with moisture. At about 5.30 the wind went from calm to gale force in a few minutes, bringing cooler air with the southerly change and then RAIN. The skies went dark and the winds blew and the rain came down and then the power went out and the girls freaked out! Thankfully the lights came on just before bedtime and then when the girls were asleep, sweaty in their beds with the ceiling fan stirring the hot air, I sat in the dark in our living room and listened to the fat rain drops outside. Bliss.

(photo is of our view from the magnificent house we stayed in with my family!)

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