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The Super Whites
Craftyness, of the marmalade variety.

This Winter I made another few batches of my marvellous orange marmalade and I took lots of photographs of the finished product because I was so proud!

We totally raided the next door tree and Ron managed to collect over 100 oranges over the period of two weeks when the house was vacated by the old tennants and the new owners started renovating.

I was making the marmalade for Ron’s Mum’s big church fete and I was super pleased with the end result and quite sad I didn’t make a third batch for myself for gifts. Instead I am eagerly anticipating the apricot season and planning to make another big batch of apple chutney for the festive season.

Even though I made more than 20 jars of marmalade from those 100 oranges, I still have a huge box of glass jars left under my kitchen table, all of my friends know now to collect jars for me, if you are lucky, I will fill them up with jam, marmalade or chutney and return them!

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