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The Super Whites

Sorry, I have lots of them. We are having a real struggle getting the girls to sleep at the moment, not sure what it is, a combination of over-tired (Amy) and too much sleep (Stella) and exhausted parents lacking in patience. But whatever it is, its not working, we are not sure what to do and so will be trying the following: skipping Stella’s nap (OHGODNO) racing through the routine, lots of phsyical activity in the afternoon, GIN.

Also, I have lots of lovely stories to tell but I need to edit the photographs first and before I do any of my photographs, I need to edit my most recent photoshoot….. which I was intending on doing tonight but now its 8.30pm and we have only just managed to get two hiccuping girls to sleep and I am exhausted.

I will leave you with this gem which makes me smile everytime I look at it, thanks again Liv, so lovely to have photos of Ron and I, even if I am pulling ridiculous faces and Ron is looking at me as though I were possessed.

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