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Running away.

No, no, I am not planning on escaping my reality. Yes I am sad that our lovely holiday with my family is over but the only running I am going to be doing now is on Sunday. 10km to be exact.

You might remember recently when I posted my three part series on weightloss, fitness and running? Here is where I wrote about my little obsession with running…. and where I said how I wanted to do interval training to bring my average speed down below 6m20s for this 10k? Hmmm, well, as you can imagine, that hasn’t happened. I am sad to admit that I didn’t run once while we were away, I did run a few times before we went away and I still went to bootcamp every Saturday but thats not going to be enough for me to break any personal records so my strategy has changed.

This Wednesday I ran a 6km just to get in the mood, it was fine, my laptimes were still around the 6m30s mark and I felt good but my legs were heavy towards the end and I felt some stiffness yesterday. So, instead of trying to push myself to do something which could hurt me, I am going to run a sensible race, aiming to do 6kms in an average time of 6m30 per km and then if I can, I will run the last 4kms but at a slower pace. This way I can run, enjoy running and not injure myself but still get a good personal best time for a 10km which I can then aim to beat when my training is a little more regular!

Wish me luck, especially because the temperature is set to soar on Sunday morning!

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