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Part three – Running, my obsession

Halfway through this year my bootcamp instructor convinced me to register for a 9km run across the harbour bridge in September. I decided not to do the third bootcamp because my Mum was coming over for a two week visit and money was a bit tight. Ron also wanted a bit more freedom during the week to help out at rugby training and my plan was to start running instead of bootcamp as training for the 9km.

I won’t forget the first time I ran around the oval just before my bootcamp sessions were due to come to an end. I knew I was stronger, I knew I had more muscle, I knew I had more fitness and could hold a hover for longer and do push-ups on my toes but apart from some interval training type sprints, I hadn’t actually run in years.

I ran around the big oval once, then twice, then three times and hardly felt out of breath. It was the most exhilarating feeling that I can’t even describe. I have always been a runner. I was an athlete at school and found a calmness and a peace in running. I was a pretty good 400m runner, winning my age groups at school sports day four years in a row! I have always turned to running at various points in my life and one of the proudest moments of my life was completing the New Forest Half Marathon in 2003 with Ron in a time of 2hrs3m.

(my half-marathon blister – OUCH!)

We ran the whole way together and the sense of achievement was addictive. Ron and I ran a lot together, we were evenly paced and when I was fit I could match him in distance and it was something we enjoyed, it brought out the competitive nature in both of us. We ran a few 10kms together after the half marathon and I lost a lot of pre-wedding weight running with Ron, even joking about him running behind me shouting “wedding dress” to get me to go faster! But then we got married and the year after our wedding we travelled round the world going to friend’s weddings and then suddenly we were talking babies. Running slipped further down my list of exercise priorities.

During my break from bootcamp I ran three times a week in the early mornings. My distances started out small, 4km’s then 5kms then 6kms and then I was able to run 9kms without stopping and in a reasonable time, averaging 6m15s per km. I loved the feeling of walking outside my front door and stretching in the quiet dawn and the starting off up the road. Unfortunately I developed an injury and it was a real setback. I had harboured dreams of training for a half-marathon after my 9km but my body wasn’t cooperating. I have had an issue with my left hip for many years, possibly related to being born with dislocated hips due to being a breech birth. Now my weak hip was forcing my adductor muscle to compensate, this is the big muscle that runs from the front of the pelvis round to the top of the quad muscle and after about 6kms my hip started to ache and the pain was intense in my adductor. My chiro warned me that running is not a sport for dicky hips and suggested I keep the distances down to a minimum. The week before the 9km I finally caught the girl’s colds and wasn’t even sure I was going to make the run let alone keep up with my training.

The bridge run was an incredible experience despite head colds and heat waves I ran the whole way and finished in a respectable time of 1hr6m. Slower than I would have liked but I took the time to appreciate the experience and I did feel a sense of accomplishment afterwards.

Its hard to explain how running makes me feel, the possibilities it opens up for me, the time I spend thinking while I am running and not stressful, worried thinking, but measured calm thinking. Its time away from my reality and its time I take with no guilt or regret. I love that I am teaching my girls valuable lessons about taking time for exercise, making room in their lives for healthy choices. Last night the three of us took a few minutes to do some simple stretches on the front steps before I went for a quick 4km run.

I have registered for a 10km on the 6 November and this time I really want to better my time so I have devised an interval training schedule where I run shorter distances for quicker times, aiming to build up some stamina and strength and improve my time per km from an average of 6m20s to an average of 5m something. We will see how I go!

I confess that I am thinking about training for a half-marathon, its always in the back of my mind, I am not worried about the distance at all, or the hours I would have to put into training, I worry instead about whether my body can hold up to the strain and strangely I also worry about the long term damage that running can do, wear and tear on knees and joints. It’s not a big enough deterrent to stop me yet!

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