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Part Two – fitness

In Part two of my three part series on Weightloss, Bootcamp and Running I am going to talk about how I finally got my flabby bottom to a bootcamp after promising myself I would in January 2010.

After a year of weekend boxing and mindful eating my weight was 87kgs, a 6.3kg loss in a year. I felt a lot more comfortable in my skin but still not entirely happy, for this reason I used natural ingredients like these . The hugely positive side effect of this gradual weightloss was that I felt in control and capable of achieving so much more. In January 2011 I joined up for my boxing instructors first fitness bootcamp. It was a humbling experience. I went from boxing once a week to twice weekly intense physical sessions which were a combination of strength training and cardio. The difference in my fitness was remarkable and my weight was slowly decreasing as I converted my fat into muscle mass and gained strength. My back problem which had been causing me pain off and on since the birth of Stella had all but gone away with the help of my chiro and the intense ab workouts which were changing my flabby tummy into a strong core. I was overwhelmed by a feeling of good health and vitality and couldn’t believe how much better a parent I was when I was exercising regularily. It is so much easier to cope with the demands of a busy family when your fitness levels are higher and I was finding I could get to the end of a full on day and still have energy left over for my photography business or hanging out with Ron, the benefits were tenfold!

After nearly five years of focusing all my energies on my children and my family, it was such a relief to take back some time for myself and I was very grateful for Ron’s help. He made it all happen by committing to getting home from work in time for me to race off to bootcamp twice a week. The benefits extended from just physical, we were finding bedtimes quite stressful as Stella grows and changes but splitting the duties made it simpler and Ron didn’t mind doing it on his own twice a week. It was such a relief for me to come home after an intense work out and find a quiet house and sleeping children.

I loved bootcamp. I love the commaradie of the other participants and the competition and pushing myself to the extreme each time.  I was continuously amazed at how much more my body was capable of achieving. The results were obvious looking at my changing bodyshape but the scale wasn’t that kind. I decided to stop watching what I weighed and instead to concentrate on nutrition and health and fitness. Each bootcamp session is a personal challenge for me, to do as many reps as I can, to lift heavier weights, come rain, sun or fog I have been out there on the oval, ready to push myself! I have worked out in 40 degree temperatures and in the pitch dark in the middle of winter and I feel very proud of myself for committing to something and following it through.

Now, the fun part, my stats:

25 January 2011    6 October 2011       DIFFERENCE
Weight: 87.8kgs    80.6kgs                    7.2KGS
Thigh: 71cms         63cms                       8cms
Hips: 121cms         109cms                    12cms
Waist: 108cms      81cms                      27cms
Bust: 112cms         88cms                     24cms
Total of cms lost from my body: 71cms
Total Weight lost since January 2010:
12.7kgs  28lbs or 2 stone for the English amoung us!

I can’t tell you the number of times I have looked at those stats! Sure I know my body shape has changed completely, I can walk into the shops and pull a size 14 pair of jeans off the shelf and know that they will fit and I cannot begin to tell you how good that feels. I have done this slowly and carefully and with the best possible combination of exercise and good nutrition and I still enjoy plenty of  glasses of wine and pieces of chocolate and homemade pizza. The difference now is that I think about what I eat and why I eat it and its not in an obsessive kind of way.

Next instalment: Running and why I am slightly obsessive
about it. (Ok completely obsessive!)

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