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Its that time of year again. Chop-chop!

Yes, haircut time! Both the girls were looking a bit unkept last week and as we head into the warmer months I really wanted to get their mops chopped for ease of washing and drying.

Stella and I went into the hairdresser earlier in the week to make the appointments and Stella was not happy! She didn’t want to say hello to the hairdresser or disengage from my leg. I was worried about what this meant for the actual appointment!

As it turned out I had nothing to fear! I asked Amy and Stella who would like to go first and Stella was very adamant that she wanted to.

She sat absolutely still in the booster seat in the chair and followed every instruction that the hairdresser asked of her! I don’t think the expression on her face changed at all!

Stella looked just gorgeous with her short fringe and bob, her hair is such a beautiful colour, all honey and streaked with blonde. I can’t wait to see what happens to it this summer!

Amy was just as good, I can’t get over how much darker her hair has got the last few months, its almost as dark as mine now! My beautiful grown-up girl!

We were in and out of the hairdresser in a matter of minutes. Just the way I like it. We celebrated afterwards with ice-creams!

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