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Yesterday I realised a dream I have held for a long time. Along with 35,000 other runners I was part of a Sydney running festival across the Harbour Bridge and round the streets of this beautiful city!

My bootcamp instructor registered a team for the 9km run and two of my very close friends decided to run as well which meant we were able to keep each other motivated and training right up until the big day.

(queuing with the B group runners for our turn to start, the nerves kicked in!)

I am awfully hard on myself in lots of areas of my life, some of which I am beginning to admit have held me back from realising my true potential. A part of me has been feeling a bit disappointed that I didn’t stick to my guns and run the time I was hoping to achieve.

But the reality is I need to be proud of my achievement for what it really is! I ran 9km’s on the hottest day this spring so far in an hour and 6 minutes and only walked through the water stations and briefly when stopping to high-five my children and hug my husband who came out to cheer me on!

I was present in the moment through out the whole experience and took time to savour what I was doing, to photograph what I saw around me and to really appreciate what I was asking my body to do and what my body was actually capable of. I felt so exhilarated at various points that I wanted to shout out loud, especially when an inspiring song came on on my playlist or when I rounded the corner and saw Ron and the girls waving!

When I saw the finish line ahead of me I straightened up and took deeper breaths and sprinted as hard as I could and as I crossed the line I put my arms up and shouted with pure joy. The hot sun, thousands and thousands of people and the Opera house, the most perfect finishing point you can ever imagine!

I have struggled with my training thanks to my dodgy hip and wonkly pelvis and I had almost given up on my dream of running another half marathon. My fitness is incredible thanks to bootcamp and that’s partly what is so frustrating, I know I can run further and faster but my body just won’t cooperate.

After Sunday’s race I feel good, suprisingly all of the things I thought would hurt, don’t and the only thing that is bothering me is a blister on my toe. Suddenly I feel like there might be a glimmer of hope, maybe if I work really hard at correcting my posture and working on strengthening my body in the right way for running, not just for general strength, maybe I could work out a training program that doesn’t break my 35 year old body and maybe, just maybe I could realise that dream?

What do you think?

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