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A flying visit to the zoo.

Last week Stella and I met some new friends for a playdate at the zoo. The weather was looking ominous but cleared spectacularily that morning and despite arriving and realising that someone had taken the stroller out of the car, Stella and I had a fabulous time.

Our girls had fun but weren’t particularily interested in playing with each other, choosing instead to marvel at this playful seal who hung around for ages blowing bubbles at Stella!

She was absolutely mesmerised by him!

Even though Stella and I do get to spend time together when Amy is at preschool, all too often recently these days have been filled with housework and grocery shopping and catching up. It was great to have an adventure with Stella for a change and so lovely to see the pure joy in her face.

She is growing up so quickly this baby of mine. Full of words and smiles and cheeky laughter. She reminds me more and more of Amy now, her exuberance and inquisitiveness. We really are enjoying our Lala very much at this stage.

We walked through the aqarium hoping to catch sight of the penguins but its breeding season and they were all nesting. I love our zoo membership because there is no pressure to see everything in one visit, we can just go back next time.

Any trip to the zoo with Stella wouldn’t be complete without stopping to see some birds.

She loves dub-dubs as she calls them and happily pointed them out to me all over.

At this stage of the morning little girls were getting tired.

Luckily Stella is a sweet natured travelling companion most of the time and she was soon convinced to head back up to the entrance when I suggested we do a round trip on the skytrail which she loves!

A quick stop for our picnic on the way out and a long sleep in the car on the way home. I did feel bad admitting to Amy later that day where Stella and I had been but it was such fun hanging out with my littlest and Amy knows that there will be lots more trips to the zoo in the coming months!

For those of you who are interested, all pics are straight out of camera shot on my 5dmkII with my 24-70mm f2.8 on RAW, imported using Lightroom and just resized for blog with no processing. (Because I am lazy!)

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