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Would you, could you, eat a donut burger?

A week or so ago I left a comment on one of my must-read blogs A Cajun Down Under. I love Christy’s blog and have followed her recent adventures back home to Baton Rouge, Louisiana and salivated over her diary of some of the food she enjoyed, aptly titled Cajun P0rn!

My comment was a throw-away one where I encouraged her to make and try a burger using a krisp y Kr eme donut instead of a bun. I justified my encouragement by saying that I personally enjoy strange food combinations, namely the sausage and marmalade sandwich I had most mornings whilst pregnant with Amy in London!

On the back of my comment Christy emailed me and said her husband, The Aussie was absolutely refusing to have anything to do with this blasphemous creation and did I perhaps fancy an afternoon adventure? I leapt at the chance to meet Christy again and partake in the donut burger whilst flexing my food photography muscle!

Which was how I happened to be invited over to watch Christy make this marvellous food masterpiece using her special recipe for delicious burgers, the secret ingredient being a splash of liquid smoke which adds an incredible depth of flavour to an otherwise quite simple burger patty.

I knew Christy and I were going to get along just fine when she offered me a glass of wine saying she liked having a glass of something while she cooked! Christy’s lovely other half prepped the BBQ and grilled the burgers and pancetta while I played puzzles with their very gorgeous girls.

Then we were ready to assemble our burgers. Christy opted for the more traditional bacon cheeseburger variety while I splashed out with an egg and some lettuce and tomato.

At this point I don’t think Christy and I were that enchanted by our burgers despite their pretty, glazed exterior and lucious burger patty.

There was nothing left for us to do except photograph the hell out of our plates (love the colours!) and laugh about how strange and fantastical the blogging world can be! Here we were, two veritable strangers, about to sit down and tuck into a donut burger for no other reason than we could!

We had had a giggle on the phone earlier that day when making our plans to meet up and make the burgers. Christy had texted me and I texted her back promising I was actually a 35 year old mother of two from the suburbs in Sydney just in case she was wondering whether I might be an axe murderer before sending me her address!

Finally the moment had come, time to taste the burgers.

The first mouthful was a taste sensation. Sweet, salty, soft, crispy, a perfect balance of flavours. I loved it. As Christy has said over on her blog neither of us were quite sure whether we would eat the whole thing but once we started, there was no stopping us!

In conclusion, a kris py Kr eme burger might not be the kind of thing I would go out of my way to eat regularily (especially in light of my previous post!) but for a special occasion, fun food, I would definitely do this again. In fact Christy and I are looking for any crazy suggestions you might have for our next food challenge?!



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