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This week I have been a domestic goddess. I woke up on Monday morning after a Sunday afternoon adventure (blog post about that coming tomorrow… stay tuned, its a goodie!) and I decided that I need to cut out the crap from my diet.

I have been at bootcamp since the beginning of the year with a six week break over the winter and although my stats are freaking awesome (blog post about that coming soon too!) my weight loss has stagnated thanks to my habit of absentmindedly finishing the crusts of Stella’s fairy bread and hoovering up the girl’s dinner leftovers. Not to mention the mid-afternoon biscuit and the bowl of ice-cream before bed.

So, I am going to fill up on soups and salads, snack on fruits and veg, stop putting lashings of brown sugar on my porridge and try and keep away from the chocolate biscuits at playgroup.

I did a huge, fresh, healthy shop on Tuesday when Stella was at Julie’s and came home and made a big tuna salad for lunch, a pot of sweet and sour sausage stew and a huge vat of potato and leek soup.

I love mealplanning, it takes all the stress out of shopping, cooking and eating dinners. If I know what I am having for dinner, from a diet point of view I don’t obsess about what I am going to eat and instead I can look forward to cooking.

I hope that I can sustain this over the next few weeks without feeling like I am giving up anything and hopefully I will see the effects of my hard work on the scale.

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