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Slinky apple.

Before my birthday we went down to stay with our friends in South Sydney, we play cards with them and have known them forever, our kids get along, its a brilliant night away and we all look forward to it! At Myf and Jason’s they offered the girls an apple after dinner and then used this marvellous machine to turn it into a “slinky apple” which absolutely blew Amy’s mind!

I had to have one of these clever kitchen tools and a few weeks later Myf and Jason gave me one for my birthday. Brilliant! An apple is the one thing that Amy is guaranteed to ask for and to eat and she does prefer them peeled so this handy tool turns a 5 minute job into a 25 second job and anything that saves me time in the kitchen makes me very happy!

Simply release the catch and stick your apple onto the three prongs….

Then start turning the lever, this part Amy takes over….

The apple bites into the blade at the end and as you turn the lever with very little effort, a slinky apple starts to appear before your very eyes!

The same manoevre peels the apple, cores the apple and as the blade turns it slices the apple through, genius and so little waste left over.

After the apple has gone all the way through the blades, you simply pull it off and EAT… leaving behind the thin peel and the perfectly cored apple.

I love, love, love our slinky apple machine, its the perfect gift for me, clever but practical and even Stella will eat most of an apple now when its presented to her like this.

Any other brilliant kitchen implements that I have been missing and you think I need to add to my wishlist?

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