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A better day.

My soundtrack for the day has been Coldplay’s latest single Every Teardrop is a waterfall…. its wonderful, takes me right back to the good old days of early Coldplay and my life in London, meeting Ron, moving in together, sunny afternoons on Clapham Common, warm summer nights at The Sun, pints of beer. Happiness.

Its been a much better day today. The girls and I had fun, played together, enjoyed each others company instead of battling each other. Amy has been considerate and caring and although there have been a few threats (“If you don’t let me have more milo milk, then, then, then I will draw on myself!”) these have quickly stopped after I explained any threats would be rewarded with a black mark on her reward chart. I have also told Amy that this week she will be working towards a morning with me on Friday, just me and her and she is super excited.

Ron and I had a great chat last night about how we need to combine our efforts again and work together to get through this stage. Amy does not intentionally mean to be naughty or difficult, she just needs a bit more positive attention and lately we have all fallen into bad habits, rewarding bad behaviour with lots of negative attention. I made a promise to myself that I wouldn’t shout today and I didn’t and my word do I feel better for that!

We spent some time in the garden this afternoon, it was a beautiful sunny day here in Sydney, warm and fresh outside with just the slightest hint that winter might be on its way out. I feel a sense of relief, the end is in sight.

Thank you for all your comments and emails over the last little while. Since I made the decision to stop stressing about keeping up with the Jones’s in the blogging world, and focused more on blogging itself, I feel a great sense of achievement. Its ironic that this has happened at a time when I am finding parenting such a challenge and its been wonderful reading about everyone else’s experiences and to know that I am not alone! It may not take a typical village to raise a child any longer, but a virtual community is a great alternative!

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